Laura H. Sunday, April 29, 2012

I feel like such a slacker today! The only thing that I finished was an oliver + s popover sundress. But in my defense, I hadn't even cut the pattern out when I started. It had actually been laying in the printer tray for about a week when the Boy Scout found it this morning and asked me what it was. I showed him and he said, "You should make one."

For the record, that is his response to every pattern we own. You Should Make One. It ought to be tattooed on his forehead.

So here it is. On the intended subject, Elizabeth. Note to self: Watch this one. She already enjoys squishing ants.

 This little pattern is soooo easy to put together. The hardest part of it was trying to figure out what fabrics to use. In the end I chose some loosely woven cotton with a tiny floral pattern on it from my grandmother's sewing room and some blue quilting cotton from the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby. Elizabeth is quite happy with it and I'll admit that I am too. I got to really try out my bias tape maker it isn't that bad. Not really amazing, but definitely faster than doing it myself and burning my fingertips. And I can always crisp up the edges while I iron the thing in half.

And here's a little shoulder detail. I ended up with the white thread because of all my blue thread, there's not a single one that is anywhere near this color. And I had to tie the straps a little tighter than usual. Narrow shoulders!

But we are all happy now. And according to the button, tomorrow is the last day of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge. I have no idea what I'll make, but I'm sure it will be pretty simple. And then I'll do a nice round-up and try to get pictures of Elizabeth in everything. HA!


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