Laura H.

So. Pinterest.

I really love Pinterest. But I recognize that there are some folks who are a bit sensitive about having their things pinned a billion times over and being viewed by Lord only knows who. So here's my personal policy and my request to pinners.

I try *really* hard not to pin the faces of kids. There are elements of all societies around the globe that see children as prey and the Internet can really make that easy. So I don't pin kid's faces if I can help it. That's too much responsibility for me to take on - to make the decision about who gets to see someone elses child's face. And I'd rather not have my own Best Baby's face pinned, either.

Just a request. I know there will be people who don't listen. But I also know there will be some who do. To those who do as I've asked, thanks! You are the reason the world is a little nicer place!