Laura H. Sunday, April 22, 2012

Well! I'm rather proud of myself! I waited until Best Baby Elizabeth was asleep and started sewing at 2pm. At 3pm, I had three of the projects in my pile finished and another within 10 minutes of finished. Yeah, I finished it and kept sewing. Why waste good napping time, right? Here's some pics.

This skirt. It came to me as a well-loved set of pillowcases found at the thrift store. The other pillowcase was used as part of my Lenten activities (that's a talk for another post.) But this one was in pretty rough shape. You can sort of see the discoloration on it at the waist - but the design is too cute to NOT use. Oh, and there's about 3 more inches of skirt tucked into the waistband. That way, I can pop the stitches, cut new elastic, and have it for a taller Elizabeth.

And the birthday dress got its hem! I like how this pattern looks. It's Simplicity 3859 and while I like it (especially with the piping all over it) I want to take this opportunity to decisively declair that I HATE CURVED HEMLINES. I think I hate them more than I hate cooking. So the inside of this hem has all sorts of puckers and ripply bits. Ask me if I care. Go on, ask me. Anyway, this little dress is made from fabric that my mom (Granna Extraordinaire!) and Elizabeth picked out. I decided on the lime green piping because my mom really likes lime and she really likes this fabric. I may have to take up the hem again before the birthday - I have no idea what size Elizabeth will be come August.

These two dresses I made for my niece, E. Her mom picked out a load of fabric and some second hand stuff that she wanted me to make in to dresses and stuff for E. So I've been slowly whittling away at the pile. The one on the left was a skirt, and I've got a tutorial on how I turned it into a halter sundress coming eventually. The other is just a normal pillowcase dress made from a fabric cut. The nice thing about doing the dresses for E is that her mom is cool with me keeping all the scraps. So that bee print? Yeah, You'll see that again. The scraps! I LOVE SCRAPS.

All together, not a bad day's work for my first day of my first Kids Clothing Week Challenge. And I'll work on some more stuff tonight, but that will probably be me sitting in the floor tracing out patterns for myself.

And I apologize for the draped-over-the-lawn-chair pics. It's stupid cold and windy for late April in Tennessee. I'm going to have to put Elizabeth in tights to go out this afternoon. And that is idiotic. Two days ago, it was 80.

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  1. What lovely outfits! I especially love the birthday dress!

    Oh and I love scraps too! LOL