Laura H. Monday, April 23, 2012

Today was not nearly as productive as yesterday. I've been viciously impatient with everything, Elizabeth fell over in the tub, and everything just started way too late for my liking.

Now, before someone calls the authorities on me, Elizabeth was not standing up in the tub. She is permitted to stand in the tub two times per bath - once for me to scrub her bum and again before getting out. Both times, she clings to me saying 'nit nown! nit nown!' (translation: 'sit down!') She fell while she was sitting. That's never happened to her before. But she got a little overexcited about the bubbles, overbalanced, and SPLOOSH! She's fine. I'm thinking with as fast as she recovered that it was all a ploy to get to run around the house naked before lunchtime.

Because of all that, we were late getting started on our errands. That threw everything off by about an hour and a half. Thirty minutes, I can handle no sweat. An hour makes me feel rushed. But an hour and a half throws off meals and naptimes all day. And let me tell you something - when naptime is off, bedtime is off. And when bedtime doesn't happen between 7 and 8pm, no-one is happy the next day. However, I think I reined it in pretty well and managed to get our small girl in bed about 8:10pm.

But, here's today's sewing. Not wildly impressive, but considering what it took, I'm surprised I even managed to get it done! Overall I don't know how I feel about this one. Part of me thinks it is adorable. Part of me wants to throw it on the fire. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen it on our girl.

 So, this dress began life as a white sheet from the thrift store. Then it was meant to be a muslin for Rae's Spring Ruffle top for me. HA! I look stupid in ruffles! There is far too much of me to make that work *at all*, so I scraped it. Then I thought about it - the ruffle trim is from my grandmother's sewing room and I was not about to just toss it all away. Oh, no. So, I reused the original straps and chest band, altering them to fit a not-2-year-old. I added a little more of the ruffle to the bottom of that and stuck a barely gathered skirt on it.
The back turned out pretty cute. I knew struggling to get a fitted band over Elizabeth's head would be about as popular as nail-clipping day, so i skipped that and left the band split down the back. This little button was an obvious choice since it also came from my grandmother's sewing room.


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