Laura H. Saturday, April 28, 2012

Are we really at day 6? Really, really? Weeks always feel like they fly by around here, but this one has been on super fast forward. Ahh. Two days left though. And guess what? I don't have a clue what I'm doing for those two days! Yay me!

So here are today's completed items. Two pairs of jammies and two skirts to complete the top-and-shirt outfits I started earlier in the week.

I must have taken 40 shots of these jammies in every light imaginable and every single one came out dark. So If you would like to see this fabric, it's flannel from JoAnn! The pants are Rae's Big Butt Baby Pants and the top is a modified Simplicity 2377. The butt panel on the pants is the same red as the sleeves of the shirt. This really came together quickly and I can't wait for bedtime tonight! I want to try these on her and make sure they fit. If either piece is too short, There Will Be Ruffles.

But these jammies! These are really my favorite ones. Again, Flannel from JoAnn, red sleeves and butt panel, same patterns. But just look at those fish! They seem so happy to be on a pair of jammies. And I know that Elizabeth is going to like these best - she loves fish. And to hear her talk about the 'fiss!' is too funny. I'm sure she will be thrilled to have lots of fish on her clothes. Only trouble will be getting her out of them. I may have to resort to trickery or bribes.

 Both jammie sets came together a lot faster than I had planned. So I had just enough of my hour left to do two skirts to match a couple of the tops I did up earlier in the week. Very simple skirts, too. A couple of rectangles and some elastic and about 10 minutes later, two skirts. And I've *still* got sizable bits of these fabrics left. Anyone got any ideas on what I can do with scraps that are too small to make a whole something but too big to be tossed blithely away? This fabric is so crazy-expensive, I hate to not get every inch out of it that I can.

I think the only thing in my stack of stuff that I was going to do this week that isn't finished is the blue and white shirred dress for niece E. And I'll be really honest here. I don't see it getting done. It isn't hard to do but the thought of sitting in one place doing the same thing for an hour makes me was to go poke my eyes out with a spork. And some friends of ours are getting married in a couple of weeks and I want Elizabeth to have a new frock for the occasion (like she really needs one!)


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