Laura H. Saturday, May 5, 2012

Well, I've not got a thing to show for a week of silence save a handful of doll diapers. However, I do have a stupidly large pile of patters for myself cut out and one test pattern made up. Large pieces of paper and a ratty tank-top are not worth photographing, so here's the doll diapers! Aww!

 There are two sizes of them. The smaller ones on the left and the larger are on the right. Nice this about them (other than being really simple to make?) They cost me NOTHING. Every bit of fabric was one of those strange pieces left over from something else.

I never managed to get pictures of Elizabeth in all of her new things, but I did manage to get one of her in one of the skirt-and-top sets. I'm not so sure about the fit on it, but I did realize after these pictures were made that the top was on backwards all day. Oops!

I have learned this week that sewing for myself, I can't take an accurate measurement for anything. I must have measured myself eight times only to adjust my pattern waaaaaaay too much. I'm in no way petite and i have a very inflated sense (it seems) of how large I really am. So, patterns are made and I've started marking out fabrics for tops and dresses.

We will see what comes of it all.


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