Laura H. Friday, April 20, 2012

I've got such a nasty backlog of projects for my Best Baby and her 3 year old cousin that are in various states of finished. My goal during KCWC is to finish a LOT of them, poor things. And the reality of it is that I could have all of them done in a day if I wasn't constantly getting distracted by... well. Anything really.

This pile of stuff needs finishing. The white with the flowers on it is going to be a skirt once there's a casing and some elastic happening. The plaid skirt needs a top out of some off-white knit that is presently located *somewhere*. The bright dress with piping all over it needs a hem and will have one even if I have to rip it out and drop the hem in August for Best Baby's birthday. The nuts-o print thing needs to be cut down from it's present adult skirt to a 3 year-old's sundress (and use those extra bits for the straps.) And the two blue prints will be dresses for the same 3 year old as the weird print thing. I hope that sewing for someone else's kids is permissible. If not, OH WELL. Doing it anyway since Best Baby doesn't really NEED all that much more for the spring and summer.

And to add another layer of complexity to the whole thing, I've got a sewing class I'm doing on Thursday night! It's a fundraiser for Best Baby's playschool and it seems to be growing quickly. I don't mind - since every warm body is funds for the school - but I gotta tell ya. Speaking in front of people is not my most favorite pastime and I don't think I'm all that good at it. I volunteered to do it 'cause it's really all that I've got that I can give.

I don't know important people, I don't have scads of money. I've got my brain, my hands, and an imagination that won't stop. And I firmly believe that you have to use what you've got. SO! Big girl panties! Smile on my face! Not even going to glisten! And I'm going to have loads of information, be light and funny, and walk in there wearing a whole new outfit made from bedsheets that I haven't starting making yet!

Wahoo! How many days do I have?


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