Laura H. Sunday, April 15, 2012

Next week starts the Kids Clothing Week Challenge. One hour a day of sewing for my little? Count me in! I only hope I can do a hour *each* day. Some days around here, things get bonkers.

And on the 26th, I'm doing a fundraiser class for Best Baby's playschool. Maybe I can plan something properly in advance and get in an hour that morning while she's at school.

I wonder if the KCWC organizer realizes that they are having this event during the Week of the Young Child?

It is still pretty cool, intentional or not. The two really do go together for us. And with the fundraiser class being during that week, too it sort of feels like Little Kids Week around here!

I have a week to plan. Right about now would be when I'd get the urge to watch every episode of Highlander: The Series again. Or take up skydiving. Or knitting.


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