Laura H. Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two days a week, Elizabeth heads to playschool at our local Birth to Three Program. She has a BLAST for three hours while I come home and do things I want to do. Like shower. Or vacuum. Or, you know. SEW! So I got my hours work in early today! Whee! And after last night's internet stupidity and not getting to upload pics much of anywhere until past midnight, I'm quite pleased to be getting this days job done early.

And as a side note, if anyone knows why our router will red-eye like a grouchy Ood please feel free to let me know. It just seems so random. I tried to blame the Boy Scout's obsessive Netflixing of Mythbusters, but the Boy Scout is having none of that.

Anyway, so the little tops are finished! Hurrah! Look how cute they are.

All three took more than the hour, but I'm soooo not going to stop after an hour if there's still time to keep going. I enjoy this too much. Dedicating a solid hour of it to the task per day can be a challenge (tomorrow, I'm looking at you!)

 The cream colored one is meant to go with a plaid skirt I made before I realized that we didn't have anything that really went with any of the colors in the plaid. And come fall, the skirt will still fit and we have a long-sleeved job that will match okay. But it is 70 degrees today and it is not summer yet. So, a remnant bin yard of fabric and TA-DA. Problem solved. It's a wee bit short, but hopefully that won't matter too much. It's sized a three and Elizabeth is only in a 2t right now.

The white with the plaid sleeves was one of two maternity tee shirts that I found on clearance at JoAnn's for less than $3. So I bought them. And even making these two tops, I have enough left over to do something else with the remains. What that is remains to be seen though. And the sleeves are scraps from another dress that I made for niece E a few weeks ago. WHOO SCRAPS!

The purple one is that other maternity tee I found for cheap. And the sleeves there are left-overs from the birthday dress. This one is going to be cute because there is plenty of that cupcake print left over to do a skirt or some shorts. Hurrah for cupcakes all summer long!

I've got a pretty neat idea for tomorrow's hour. It involves bright ribbons, black fabric, and some ruffles. I'm very excited. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it big. This poor child is in no danger of going naked any time soon.


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