Laura H. Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today my sewing has been strictly limited to the one hour. I spent most of Elizabeth's naptime working on my presentation outline for the Upcycling class I'm doing on Thursday night. So. One hour only for today.

And I spent it doodling up a pattern and cutting out three peasant-type tops for Elizabeth. Here they are laid out neatly and looking like a pile of fabric!

The sleeves for the white and purple will be a contrasting fabric. The off-white is a top to go with the little plaid skirt from my lineup post. I've managed to get one sleeve in the white one, but I'm not getting any farther tonight. Elizabeth has school tomorrow morning, so it will be up-and-at-'em earlier than usual.

 But as an extra added bonus (and to make everyone reading think i'm super organized) here's my pattern box. Look at all those lovely folders! And on (almost) every folder that has a commercial pattern in it the front of the original envelope is on the front of the folder and the back envelope is on the back of the folder! Just ignore the big, whopping pattern bits handing out and the stray patterns wedged hopelessly at the front. And there is absolutely NOT a whole other box full of patterns scattered willy-nilly off stage right! Oh, no! Never!


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