Laura H. Friday, October 12, 2012

An hour, right? Weeeeeell.

How about 4? 'Cause see, my little person decided to hoot in her bed for two hours before finally falling asleep. (We have a 'you-will-stay-there' rule here. Mommy and Daddy need a little down-time, too.) Then she napped for two hours. So, in the four 'down' hours today, I think I got caught up.

First up, a pair of shirts! Both are cut from the GTSD pattern, just somewhere between tunic and tee length and cut in a little on the sides so it's not so flaired. The purple pixies are from Kitschy Coo and it is a DREAM to work with. I got a metre of it and it is some crazy width, like a million miles. Actually, I think it is 60-odd inches. And sooooo soft! The yellow-orange is from an old tee. I had to piece the sleeves to get long sleeves for it, but it is kind of nice - I'll be able to make them short sleeves with some snips and a quick hem.

Then these two from the same pattern! The print is a thermal knit that I got from Joann's off the Red Tag rack. I think it is some of the last that I bought before we left Knoxville. I've been saving it up for just now. The purple refused to be photographed properly in the drizzling rain, but it is an old tee of mine and shh. I didn't have to hem a thing!

Then there is this. I really think this is the GTSD at it's finest. I'd not done a waistband of any type yet and I *really* waffled about it. I waffled until both sleeves were in and I just had one side-seam left. Then I decide to just do it and if I hated it, I could rip it out. I'm so glad I did it! I'm also glad that I just did the internal casing - this fabric was so STUPIDLY expensive (to me, $9 a yard is a small fortune) that I want every inch of it to be as visible as possible. And it is so cute! And I'm so proud of it.

There is one more top that I didn't get finished - another turtleneck that is a turtleneck for the same reasons as the other one - a lack of matching or coordinating rib. But that can be done tomorrow. I'm making a serious dent in this pile! The serger being back in the game is helping so very much!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I am in awe of your KCWC progress!! and I'm thinking I really need to get my hands on that Go To Dress pattern. It's been on my wish list since it came out, you've convinced me to just buy it already! lol. I LOVE a versatile pattern! Nice work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by *my* blog!

      It isn't hard to get this far ahead (then totally slack for two days) when the time presents itself. And this week, all I did was sew in my spare time. Other things suffered (like the living room and laundry) but it will all get caught up now.

      And yes. Yes, yes, yes. Get this pattern! It takes so very little to alter it in to tees or jumpers. and so many options! you should definitely get it - it is named correctly!

  2. I love the green cats and the purple fairies fabrics! Absolutely lovely!