Laura H. Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ahh. It is a lovely day in Tennessee. A bit chilly, but at least it isn't wet! I don't do wet and chilly together very well.

Right! KCWC! Fall! 2012!

This was my  'cut out and ready to sew' stack this morning.

Can you tell that I've moved things around? 'Cause I did. With the Boy Scout's help (he arrived back from the gym too early and caught me moving a dresser alone. Ten more minutes and I would have had it!) we moved the dresser into the closet and YAY! I get to sew in something other than a closet! However, all the fabric is still in the closet. The best part?

My machines are back together at long last! Hurrah! Even better is that they are against the wall that our loud, snoring, screaming neighbors are on the opposite side of. Hence why I have no qualms about serging at 2am. Hey, you scream as I'm falling asleep every night for a week, I serge without remorse.

But today, I've gotten six items started and three finished! Yay! The done three are skirts that I made from fat quarters. I admit that I didn't think I could manage skirts from a fat quarter for Miss Legs and Diaper Booty, but this from Rae made me rethink that idea. And made me run to Joann's again.

These two, Elizabeth picked out.  Granted, she picked them for her Annie to have dresses, but as Annie isn't very popular around here, they can be skirts for Elizabeth. Everything except the purple bands are from Joanns. And that purple came from my grandmother's sewing room.

 This one is all my doing. Which means Elizabeth will probably hate it. But I don't really care because I'm an Evil Mommy and will make her wear it anyway. It is a little spring-like but it is colorful. That means most of her wardrobe will do with it.

And I did finish up a pair of pink leggings too, but leggings are boring to look at. Besides, they aren't all that amazing - they are pink and made from an old turtleneck with the neck as the new waist and the sleeves as the legs. Whoo-boy. That may be too much excitement!


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