Laura H. Monday, October 8, 2012

Ooo. It is early!

Elizabeth spent the night at her Granna's last night (much to both's delight) which leaves me awake at 7:30am but without my little to cry for some milk or a graham cracker.

I miss her!


Anyway, I've gotten a pretty good jump on stuff for KCWC Fall already. I have a LOT cut out and ready to sew up. Three jumpers, 4 or 5 total dresses, 3 or 4 tees, 4 pairs of B3P's, 3 fat-quarter skirts, and strips for piping. I also have planned but not cut 1 maybe-dress-maybe-tee, 3 more tees, and 4 pairs of leggings (one black stretch velvet.) There's also the patterns I've not done anything with yet that have definate plans (or that I just a burning desire to use) like the Sunday Brunch Coat and Skirt (baby blue with the sheet strip inside and multi-colored buttons), the 2+2 blouse that will be a long sleeved dress (white with read dots, accented with solid red trim. It will get a little jacket-thing, too), and this cute pattern for pjs that I'm going to use the top for an everyday top.

Don't panic on my behalf. I doubt that I'll get it all done. I'm going to be content to get everything to it's next stage - patterns to cut out patterns, cut patterns to cut fabric, cut fabric to actual clothing. And clothing to the wash, then on to the kiddo!

Hmm. Guess a picture would be good in here wouldn't it?

She picked the boots.
That is the little dress from this post. It came out really cute, even if the neck is a little big! And Elizabeth likes it. She found her boots in the closet and decided to wear them. but then she decided that walking in them was 'weerd!' As they are a size too big, I have to agree with her assessment.


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