Laura H. Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Every time we sit down to pizza in this house, Elizabeth says the title of this post. It is a possibility that we will eat pizza on my birthday this year, but I hope the Boy Scout doesn't flake out on me that much.

I have the best birthday ever. I was born on Halloween night! Ha! And I love the kid-side of Halloween. The scary movies, haunted houses, and chainsaws can take a hike! That stuff SUCKS. But a fun costume, some candy corn, and a crisp evening makes me happy.

And. You know. Maybe a ghost tour. Cause I have done those before and love them! They involve intellectual scares - just words and stories. There's no stuff-jumping-out, actual maniacs wielding chainsaws, or twisted psychological mess. It's a once-removed scare - eerie! That's the word! Eerie!

But anyway. So birthday time is upon me. I love my birthday. I don't care how old I am (turning 34.) I adore all my gray hair. My crows-feet could be bigger but more years of happiness will help that. The only thing I'm not wild about about getting another year older is this: cooler weather aggravates the beginnings of arthritis in my hands. I escape it in the heat, but the chilly nights make my hands hurt.

But if that can stay my only complaint for another 20 years, then my crow's feet will be so great that I won't have any room to complain and I'll stop groaning when I flex my right hand every morning.

But, I have a favor to ask of my readers. I want a present! It is of the copy-and-paste sort. See, my hatred of cooking is legendary. I get angry and throw things when I cook. So we have decided to do freezer meals as much as possible. You know. To spare my heart and our child from thinking the kitchen is the 'Angry' room.

So from each of you, I'd like a recipe. Preferably easy to double, easy to subtract cheese from (the Boy Scout is a weirdo cheese hater) and freezable. I'd love to see what everyone has! So, comment me a recipe for my birthday!

And no. Pizza is not a requirement. :D


  1. Happy Almost Birthday! Eric doesn't believe in freezing, so we always just eat leftovers FOREVER. He made some delicious tomato soup this week (12 more cups of soup to go!) It is yummy, though? (

    From me, there is White Trash Shepherd's Pie ( It's about the only thing I cook :)

    1. Ooo! Thank you! I've heard about the White Trash Shepard's pie before - you mentioned it to mom once I think? I can't wait to try it!

      There's nothing in it Jacob won't eat!