Laura H. Thursday, September 13, 2012

I got Rae's (of Made by Rae fame) pattern for a Pierrot tunic instead of the Charlie tunic because of the big old goofball ruffle around the neck. Then I realized that I have about two fabrics that would look anywhere near okay with a ruffle at the neck. And both of those are spoken for for other things.

So the first two I make? No ruffle!

 From the depths of the 'why did i buy that?' bin comes this fabric. I've still got a lot left! It is so big and bold and busy that little Elizabeth is only just now big enough to wear it without looking like some sort of crazy-print loving mommy is trying to make her suffer. Still, this is a pattern 3 and we will see how it fits. I love that this pattern only touches the child at the shoulder - it means I can add a little to the hem and she will be wearing it for YEARS.

Hey, my kid! I can dress her crazy until she protests! And she's only protesting clothes in general right now, not specific items
 This one is awfully fun. See, back in our pre-child days when we shopped a certain blue-and-white clad major chain store for everything, our newly-wed selves needed both a Christmas tree and ornaments. We were (as ever) pretty broke so we went with the multi-box of assorted colored ornaments. We open the box at home and start pulling out and hanging ornaments on the tree.

The Boy Scout pulls out a mushroom shaped one. We laugh. Then I pull one out. This continues until there are eight of these things! Thus a tradition is born - every year, we hit up that same big chain store and search until we find a mushroom shaped ornament. Sadly, the past two years, there's not been *any* mushroom ornaments to be had. But this year, our own little fungus can be decked out in mushrooms! They will go great with her burgundy corduroy pants!


Anyway, here's some detail shots of the necks. The casings are just bias tape. The orange is store bought and left over from Elizabeth's Halloween outfit last year. The red check is made my me! See, I do use those remnants!


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