Laura H. Thursday, September 20, 2012

So, after this I expect to have a note from Kristin of skirt as top revoking my right to ever make another dress even vaguely resembling a Sweet Tartan. I will *totally* understand too. I promise, promise, promise I'll do my level best to not make another one until spring!

And let me tell you, after working out the sleeves (without realizing I made it way too hard), realizing they were weird and wonky, ripping them out twice to fix them, then getting the skirt on backwards and realizing it was about 6 incihes shy of being full enough, ripping it out, cobbling together a better skirt then realizing I didn't have enough of the off white to do a full under-skirt, there is *very* little that will induce me to make another of these before April.

Just sayin'.

Anyway. Here she is. The fall/winter Sweet Tartan with puffed, banded sleeves. And buttons selected by the Boy Scout because he has Crazy Button Selection Skills.

 The fabric is some from my Grandmother's stash that has probably been around since the 80s at least. The off-white is a sheet from Goodwill that I threw in the sink with a bunch of tea bags until it was the color I wanted.

So, a couple of tutorials helped me make this dress.

1) skirt as top's Sweet Tartan dress tutorial. duh! I've made a blue-million of them and the sleeveless versions are too too adorable.

2) This indietutes tutorial on how to puff a sleeve. I totally drafted one from the pattern which was both dumb and time-consuming. So I'll add this - if you are adding a sleeve to something sleeveless, just grab a basic sleeve pattern piece and puff it extra. if it wasn't a perfect fit to start, the puffing will allow you to take up any extra and will just be extra puffy. Which is the point of a puffed sleeve.

I think I'm Sweet Tartaned out. This one has whipped me!


  1. That dress is just the most precious! It may have whipped you, but I think it was worth it!

    1. Thanks naiad! I'm glad you like it. And I really like it too. In fact, I'm REALLY proud of it. I just don't think I'll be making any more any time soon!

      and check it out! Nested comments!

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  3. CUUUUTE! You are allowed to make as many as you'd like, my dear. I think I should make another one soon, though - I've only made two! You've made...five?! You rock. :)

    1. Thanks! This is really a wonderful pattern. It is so variable - lobsters for casual days, tiny prints and white for special days. Altough I've kind of got a thing for pleats these days so I'm curious to see how that might look....

      But yeah. There have been five of them so far. Two have been given away, though! I don't know that I'll try to enlarge it again - I think that may be my skills cap with patterns. :D