Laura H. Saturday, May 26, 2012

Well, we have waited nearly a year for it and finally got it! The Boy Scout has gotten a job closer to my family and we are moving this week! Elizabeth is with my mom right now getting spoiled rotten while the Boy Scout and I pack up and do the moving thing.

I gotta admit that we've gotten about half of our stuff packed up already. Living in a two bedroom apartment for a year has meant that all the stuff that we packed and stored from our house is... still packed. So all we have to do is pack up here, load the truck, and go.

And going happens Wednesday.


So our programming (that only just started) is going to be interrupted for a short bit while we manage this move. It has already been an adventure frought with IMPOSSIBLE houses (Sorry, if I can see daylight through foundation cracks, it's not a contender. Likewise with caulked over moldy grout in the bathroom. Call me picky if you like, but EEWW!) and one very sick toddler.

Elizabeth had both an ear infection AND a viral thing while I was frantically failing at finding us a place to live.  Boy Scout shows up, the little one gets better and we find an apartment that day.

I don't care! My kid is well and we have a place to land! And we are using my fabric to pack breakables!

Oh dear. I hope this won't be a disaster.


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