Laura H. Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well, I've learned several things this week. About myself, about my kid, and about sewing.

About myself I have learned (relearned) that I need lots of help in the patience department. These long weeks of summer with no playschool and the Boy Scout's mid-shift schedule have worn on me to the point that I struggle to not say No to everything, be moderately nice to my family, and not go absolutely crazy from the constant noise.

I have a real THING about noise. If there is constant noise (people talking, fans blowing, radio going, traffic, anything that makes noise) I can't hear anything. I can't hear people talking to *me*, I can't hear my own thoughts. I just can't hear over all that racket! I will NOT talk over machines, either. And when I can't hear, I get frustrated and angry really easily. This is not helped by the fact that the Boy Scout seems to think that the only acceptable tv volume is 'So-loud-we-have-to-shout.' That volume isn't good for him or for Elizabeth - he hears NOTHING else and she just zones out on whatever is up there because it is overwhelming her senses. And me, I just need and crave silence. The only time I really get it these days is when Elizabeth is sleeping in the afternoons.

I have learned this week that Elizabeth (at not-yet-2) can say and understand the word 'decorated.' From her mouth is comes out as 'dek-aw-ay-ted' but that still isn't bad! This is my fault. We played shaving cream in the bath one night and i decorated all her tub toys with it. Now, she uses her bubbles, glow-sticks, and anything else that comes to hand to decorate her toys. All the while talking about how ducky, seal, bear, and happy-face are decorated.

She's also been taking on longer and longer sentances. I'm inclined to believe that the people who set up the benchmarks of development are grossly underestimating what a small child can do. I mean, we have talked to Elizabeth from moment one and I have read to her since she could sit up on her own. But she didn't say anything past 'dada' and 'mama' until she was maybe 14 months? And then her vocabulary was limited to mama, dada, bubble, sticker, and cracker for a long time. It has only been in the past 8 or 9 weeks that she's really gotten to talking.

She can also say 'crap.' That is also my fault. When I have an accident or really mess up driving, I say crap! Well, now when I drop something that is loud or accelerate too hard in the car, she says crap for me. I ignore it, and she's said it maybe four times. Compared to what she *could* be saying, I'm mortified but not worried.

Sewing wise, I've learned what all those feet were, save one! Thanks to my friends N. and naiadkitty, I'm a lot more in the know than I was. That clasp thing is still elusive, but I suppose I'll just make something up for it. I've also learned that drafting a sleeve for a sleeveless dress is less hard than I thought. And that Oliver + S patterns are both cute and run big!

We can save this for fall.

I also have learned why everything I make comes out bigger than expected. I've been using 1/4 inch seams. Most patterns call for 1/2 inch. The half-inch seams on the Oliver + S Puppet Show Dress that I made this week seem HUUUUGE.

And I totally still stink at pressing and hemming on a curve. How on earth do you all do that without having wrinkles and folds?! UGH!


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