Laura H. Sunday, March 31, 2013

Well, here it is! The Easter dress! When I decided to Make this dress, I had no idea that purple was the color for little girls this spring. I just picked it because I couldn't find yellow ribbon to match the yellow bias tape.

Surprise! Every little girl under the age of ten was wearing purple at church today. Ah well. Not all of them were in white eyelet.

I think it is safe to say that she loves it! She twirled and talked about being a princess the whole time I was taking pictures (which was every bit of 5 minutes.) She didn't have fits about putting it on and she didn't have fits about the bow. I was expecting fights. Lots of fighting.

I am so glad I didn't get it!

This dress cost me less than $5. Yep. Less than $5. Here's the rundown:

Pattern: Butterick 4112, size 2. FREE as trade
Outer: Edged Eyelet. FREE as destash
Lining: $.69 a yard bolt-end from Sir's Fabrics. $.91
Ribbon and Bias: Joann's. $3.41 after coupons

I won't be able to make another of these - the pattern came to me cut for a size 2 and with some parts missing, so making another one isn't really feasible. I fill like it is too short in the front, but my mom assures me that it isn't (and that I dress her in Pentecostal-length dresses anyway. *eyeroll*)

I was initially not sure where to put the bow. In the on-the-hanger pics I put on Instagram, I have the bow on the front, but she wanted it on the back. So on the back it went.

I have to admit that on the hanger, it was NOT awesome. And I had a moment of intense pride when we got i ton her this morning and it was perfect. I felt horribly guilty for feeling proud, so it didn't last long.

The only thing I'm not wild about is the sleeves. They look like huge wings. Sort of annoying, but she doesn't seem to mind.

 And I have to tell you. I love that I dind't have to hem anything but the lining. This edged eyelet is super-thin and sort of stretchy, so working with it was tricky. But it really gathered great and got nice and full. And I love that it is pointed instead of scalloped. That seems to make it a little more unique than what I've usually seen.

And seriously. Who still puts a child in white eyelet, even for Easter? Judging by what I saw today, nobody does!


  1. That dress is adorable! It looks so totally Eastery and cute! It really does look princessy! You should be proud of it, you made a fantastic dress (and so inexpensive!). Don't feel guilty about being proud of such a lovely dress! You're so talented with the sewing! I love seeing the results of all your hard work!

    1. Thanks naiad! That makes me feel better about the whole thing!

  2. The dress is gorgeous and perfect for Easter!

  3. Cute dress and adorable Little Miss you have there, how satisfying is it when they love what you make them ? :) I think I had a cheap pink version of this fabric (the embroidery was wonky) a few years (pre kids) ago, the scalloped edge is just great for sewing with- no hemming yay! And it look like you did "tulip" sleeves, something I'm yet to try. Well done!

    1. Kate, thanks! Most of the time she's ambivalent about her clothes - which is fine by me! But it is so nice when she loves what I've made.

      And those sleeves - I'd been wanting to do something like that forever and just never had. When this pattern came my way, and I realized it had already been cut, I decided to give it a try! They are so simple, too.