Laura H. Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My sister is having a birthday today! She lives nearly half a USA away from me, so I can't be with her on her birthday, but our mom is there and I hear there is a party and cupcakes (probably swanky ones. ooo!)

Sister-mine is a pretty swanky gal. She's *very* fashionable, knows how to accessorize, and has shoes for every occasion. I'm also sure that she holds the patent for the 'ponytail out the back of a baseball cap' hairstyle.

So I made her a bag! I asked her what colors she was wearing and the only thing outside of black, brown, and grey were teal and cranberry red. Blissfully, I could work those two colors together!

When I saw Kristen's Fold-Over Clutch Tutorial, I actually skimmed it and didn't think much more about it other than, "That's really cute!" and "Wish I knew where that box of doilies went." We were sort of in a panic of moving still and I was in a not fantastic place mentally.

Then, time drew short for sis's birthday. First I thought I'd make her a dress. That got scrapped due to time. Then I thought about a scarf. But she lives in Texas so that's a little pointless. So, like Winnie the Pooh, I had a think, think, think and decided on a bag. Scrapped lots of ideas before I remembered the fold-over tutorial. 

Never did find that box of doilies, but this off white lace is really nice. And a little more my sister's style - feminine but not too complex.  Oh, and it is lined.

I have it on good authority that she likes her present! Hurrah! Success! Mom tells me that she's impressed with my skill. That just tickles me - I'm sure the faces I make when putting in a zipper are comedy GOLD.


  1. The bag is lovely! And zippers are hard :/ But yours is put in so neatly! Worth the faces!

    1. Thanks! It came together really quickly even with the zipper. I'm glad you like it!