Laura H. Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our new home boasts a County Fair every year. This year, it's happening the third week of this month. They have lots of events and exhibitions it seems. There's even a division for sewing stuff!

I've decided that I'll enter.

Now comes the big decision-making. What do I put in? Most everything will be in the Children's Clothing class. Dress-Up and Casual will probably be the two things I enter. But the real question is this: WHAT do I enter?

I think that my much-loved and over-used Sweet Tartan needs to go. It's very pretty and *really* well put together. And will probably qualify as Dress-Up. Perhaps one of the peasant-top-and-skirt sets would work for casual.

And get this: there's a class for Recycled Clothing! Only it is in adult sizes. Boo! I've got so much stuff I've recycled in to stuff for Elizabeth!

But there is also a Quilt division with a Baby Quilt class. Well, I have one of those. But it isn't eligible sicne I made it last year.

And I have diapers. I have one in particular that I might enter in the Any Other Infant Item class. I'll at least take it along and see what they say! It's red outside with a cow-print inside. One of the first I made and one of the best, too.

I can't believe that I'm considering this. I doubt that I'd win anything, but it seems like an appealing thing to do - and a good chance to see what other folks have made and are proud of this year. I may even meet some other local sewing types!


  1. Good luck at the fair! I enter here every year (knitting, of course), and it's super fun to enter something and then wait breathlessly to see how you did! Best of luck with your entries!

  2. thanks naiad! don't you enter the state fair? see, that would throw me for a loop. 'cause i know there's all kinds of amazing seamstresses statewide! I could never hold a candle to them!

    of course, TN's state fair is in jeopardy and will be until they figure out what to do about the suddenly-turned-undesirable spot for the fairgrounds! seems the state fairgrounds has a residential community that's grown up around it and the residents aren't wild about the racetrack that's there.